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Augur Creates First On-Chain Event!

by Joey Krug

We recently put almost all of Augur's contracts on chain and last night made our first live function call on Ethereum's Frontier testnet.  
Prior to this we've been testing our code on the Pyethereum tester module, which basically simulates Ethereum on a local machine.  However, last night we created an "event" on Augur using the live Ethereum testnet and ran the code for that on the Ethereum blockchain.  
This is a huge milestone for us because it means we can finally hookup our UI to our Ethereum contracts and begin testing live instead of just in simulations.  It also means we'll be able to make much more progress towards releasing an Alpha!  I can't wait to be able to see our prediction markets in a UI with charts of prices because it makes the experience much better than simply using a command line.
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