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Augur Sale Address Generation and Ether Buy-ins

Ether Address
As many of you noticed, an ethereum address is required to claim rep come launch early next year.  We've now added an easy to generate ethereum addresses at the Augur sale site.  Be sure to remember or record your address password and save the file it gives you someplace safe. 
Come Augur launch you'll be able to import this into augur in a few clicks and have access to your rep.  If you somehow lose this or forget your password you have up until the Augur launch early next year to generate a new address on the sale site and then update your address on the site.  We'll send your rep to whatever the last address you updated it to just before the Augur launch occurs.  Be sure not to lose the key to it as it's very important! 
Buying in With Ether
Go to the sale site and follow the instructions there.
Anyone interested in seeing our code for the ETH sale contract can check it out on our Github
If you'd like to monitor ether funds raised 0xe28e72fcf78647adce1f1252f240bbfaebd63bcc is the address.  Do not send funds directly to it or you won't be able to receive rep.  Instead follow the instructions on the sale site.
An Extra Update
Checkout our new alpha site which features accounts where you can create your own (as opposed to the old demo shared version)!  You'll start off with 100 faucet Ether - be sure to click the little droplets on the left to get play cash + rep.  The account system has very very minimal testing, if you find any bugs (and you probably will!) please report them.  One known bug is market percents/shares purchased do not update dynamically right now (you'll have to reload the UI). Thanks!
Heads up: It may take a while for the first funds to start appearing on our site due to's receive payments api being a bit slow since Bitcoin network is seeing such high volume at the moment. 
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