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Crowdsale Update: $1.3 Million Raised in First 26 Hours

by Tony Sakich & Joey Krug

Since our crowdsale started at 12PM EST of August 17th 2015, Augur's Reputation Token Crowdsale has raised $1.3 million in BTC & Ether. To be more specific, at 2:20PM EST on Tuesday, August 18th we have raised a total of 2857.05533165 BTC & 453944.10038364 ETH which equates to roughly $1,294,285 at the moment this is being written.
Additionally, there are 2257 accounts that were created for the crowds (this number is very important as a wider amount users with REP, the more decentralized Augur's referee system will be, which is one of the top priorities of the crowdsale).
The very first thing we would like to say is a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported Augur. As a non-profit group that will rely on these funds to create a user-friendly platform that will appeal to a much wider audience than the crypto community, they will enable us to achieve this goal and provide essential security audits and testing for the platform. Additionally, the money raised will help us continue to get the best legal advice, another valuable benefit.
The funds raised are important but the impressive number of participants is even more important and will enable the decentralized oracle system that Augur uses to be more distributed.
Personally, I (Tony Sakich) would like to share how hard this team has worked on building the platform. What many aren't aware of is that Augur/The Forecast Foundation is a non-profit group with only seven people officially under its umbrella.
I always believed in the strategy created for Augur to execute since I began, but the more impressive aspect of our team is the hard work our developers have put in to creating the crowdsale application at
This was being developed at the same time as the Augur Alpha and to say the dev team delivered would be an understatement. I am so proud to work with these guys and every additional thing I see them create only makes me more impressive and thankful that i get to work with them on Augur.
The team wanted to share some additional answers to questions we have been receiving as well as the following pages that should answer almost every question about both how Reputation Tokens work and detailed information about the Crowdsale.
Note:  If you're having trouble getting your ETH buyin to show up, we have recorded it on the backend, but some older accounts were having a bit of a display issue.  Try the instructions here to fix it.  New accounts shouldn't have this issue.
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