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    Welcome to the Future of Forecasting

    Trade Anything

    Try The Augur Beta at Augur.net

  • An Augur Primer

    Learn about Augur's decentralized prediction market platform in two minutes

  • Press, Media & Other Engagements

    Please contact tony@augur.net for all press requests.
    Please contact team@augur.net to discuss potential business relationships.

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    GitHub brand repo

    Augur's logos, fonts and color information.

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    Press Kit

    All about Augur

    Information on the team, press, media, accolades, crowdsale, an FAQ plus more!!

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    Augur Press

    Press coverage

    Coverage of Augur from both blockchain outlets and mainstream press.

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    Augur Media

    Audio & Video of Augur

    From open source podcasts to BBC Click, see and hear the team talk about the project!

  • Get updates and make contact

    Find the latest news and contact the team

    Augur Facebook


    Augur Twitter


    Augur email


  • Community

    Join the conversation about Augur on Slack and Reddit

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    Join The Augur Slack!

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    Augur Subreddit

  • Augur Blog Archive

    Our Archived Blog Posts, visit the new blog at blog.augur.net