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Augur Communications & Future Project Updates

by Tony Sakich

While recently browsing /r/augur, I realized we haven't publicly discussed the development of the Augur community, so I felt it was important to take a second to talk about the community and share communication platforms.

Our Subreddit (/r/augur) has become an awesome community and is generally the first place the team checks for questions, ideas and discussion on all things Augur. While it is our first stop, it isn't the only one and we wanted to make everyone aware of other outlets and where Augur-ites (bad first attempt at naming our users) can get updates and communicate with the team.

Where To Communicate & Get Augur News:
1.  Augur's Subreddit: /r/augur

2.  Augur's GitHub Page:

      - The Beta Release Wiki updates what's completed & what's being worked on.

3.  Augur's Slack Group (Open To The Public):

4.  The Augur Blog (You're already here!):

      - Subscribe via RSS at

5.  Augur on Zapchain:

NOTE: The shared platforms are in addition to our social media outlets which we generally use as a communication tool and to direct others to whatever Augur happening is occurring at the time. Our most active social platform is Twitter, following @AugurProject will ensure that all blog posts, press and other information can be found as soon as possible. There's also Facebook and LinkedIn, we are even on Google Plus!

Augur's YouTube Channel
In May 2015, we released our "How A Decentralized Prediction Market Works" video on our YouTube Channel. The video, featuring narration by Country artist (and Blockchain aficianado) Shooter Jennings, became the most viewed video on prediction markets in the history of YouTube within it's first month! As of today (January 8th, 2016) the video has 194,695 views and continues to grow! Additionally, our "Introduction To A Decentralized Prediction Market" video is the second most viewed prediction market video on YouTube!
We hope that everyone interested in Augur can take a second and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest videos as soon as they are posted! The channel features an animated short explaining Augur's Reputation Tokens, Dr. Jack Peterson's Devcon1 Talk, Tony Sakich's AMA/Oakland University Marketing talk, chats with both Augur Co-Founders Jack Peterson and Joey Krug, a chat with Augur Advisor Robin Hanson and much more. In addition, we have our "Augur Speaks Playlist" consisting of interviews with Augur team members, podcast appearances, seminars and news features.
Prediction Market Education
The success of Augur's "How A Decentralized Prediction Market Works" video led me to something I would personally like to exist as well as possibly add to our YouTube Channel. This would be video content explaining both the mechanics and potential of prediction markets in general. If anyone reading this has interest in producing, creating or contributing to content similar to this, please contact me as I would love to help out in any way possible. Educating the world about the power and potential of prediction markets is essential to both myself as well as to Augur, unfortunately the workload and time needed for Augur-specific tasks makes this something I have had to put on the back-burner. 
The entire idea of video content regarding prediction markets is something I have been hesitant to ask for the community's help on for months. As it becomes clearer that my time and workload will make it impossible for me to create this, sharing the idea with the PM community and offering my assistance is the best thing I can do to make this a possibility. Seeing posts on /r/augur like thisthis and even this post about renting out a studio to market Augur have made it apparent that the community is ready and willing to help, which is why I am sharing this now.
Regarding Project Updates
Since I joined this project one year ago, we have made it a point to provide dates for future milestones as general guides for the project's future, while being sure to state that these are not "deadlines". Augur is an open source software project, meaning that issues come up and delays can and do happen. When we share a date in an update, that date is an educated generalized estimate and never a "deadline" with a promised result. We will do our best to keep the community updated on the project's development, but we feel it's important to reiterate this fact as there has been some misunderstanding regarding the dates we have shared in the past.
Right now the Augur Team is 6 people strong, all of us are dedicated and continue to work hard on all aspects of this project. Since the beginning we have asked new team members to share their True Name, a picture and short biography on our website as we want the community and our supporters to know who is working on this project. It's very important to us that the project's supporters know who we are and know how to communicate with the team which is the very reason for this post. We thank everyone who has helped us get this far and hope that the community uses the platforms shared in this post to talk about Augur in the future!
PS: Thanks to CoinTelegraph for the awesome header image, it's from this piece they did on Augur back in August. Augur does not endorse this outlet or any other, but I felt it was important to share the source and say thank you for making my search for an appropriate header super easy!
PS 2: Check out my recent podcast interview with The Bitcoin Podcast, it was the most fun interview I've ever done and I talk a lot about marketing and other things I haven't touched on in other interviews. 
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