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How Augur Works Video

By Tony Sakich

Since joining the team, explaining the multiple technologies used in the creation of Augur as well as the overall mechanics of a decentralized prediction market have been my biggest challenge. After wrapping my head around what Augur was doing, I came to the conclusion that this is one of the most revolutionary ideas of the past decade, and it only could exist with Blockchain technology that I was fortunately extremely familiar with. We needed a short video to convey how Augur works while also simplifying the complicated nature of a decentralized prediction market. We have created that video and are happy to share it with everyone.

We hope that everyone interested in what we are doing can share this video to explain Augur to their colleagues, professors, friends and acquaintances.

Augur would like to thank JBC Motion, Shooter Jennings, and Dean Magraw for the awesome music. The Augur team sincerely hopes that this video can help anyone understand why we always say that Augur could possibly become the most accurate forecasting tool in human history.