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By Tony Sakich

Since our fantastic experience as a finalist in Singularity University & CNBC's 2015 Exponential Finance XCS Challenge, the Augur team has been very busy behind the scenes. In preparing for future releases, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some great content we have posted here on our blog or on our YouTube Channel, as well as some press and Interviews that may have flown under the radar to some. 
The first thing we want to share is our video explaining how Augur works. This video has been very well received and I feel it's a great way to explain what Augur is all about in a short time, without needing to read any technical information. This is the video we share to anyone who has interest and want to say thanks again to everyone who has helped us spread the word by sharing it!
Blog Posts:
Videos & Media:
Augur Advisor Chat With Dr. Robin Hanson
- My short chat with Dr. Robin Hanson was an honor to be able to put together. Dr. Hanson is responsible for so many of the ideas utilized in building Augur, so this came out fantastic. He's a wonderful addition to our advisory board and this illustrates why.
Augur: Introducing The Team Building A Decentralized Prediction Market
- We made this short video as an introduction to both the project and the lead developers, Joey Krug & Dr. Jack Peterson. It's important for anyone interested in this project to know who we are and this helps to provide background information.
Augur Speaks! YouTube Playlist
- Rather than posting another video, I wanted to share a YouTube playlist that we created that features various presentations and interviews featuring the Augur team. We try to update this with any new videos as they become available, so keep this bookmarked as a great way to get the most updated content.
Joey Krug Interview on Podcast
- One of the first things I did upon joining the Augur team, was to make sure Joey Krug was a guest on as soon as possible. Check this out to hear myself and Joey talk about Augur and share my excitement as I am starting to delve deeper into the world of prediction markets and Ethereum.
Augur in the Press:
Other Augur Essentials:
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